|Scheduling Coordinators: How To Schedule Patients Effectively

At Square Practice, we have a saying we often use: "Know Where You've Been to Know Where You're[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Patient Follow Ups - Defining Tasks & Who Is Responsible For Them

Patient follow ups are that in-between or bridge between a booked appointment and the actual[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Creating Processes in your Dental Practice - Who owns which tasks?

It's important in a dental practice for each team member to understand who is responsible for[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Front Office Daily Tasks: What’s your process for task management?

When it comes to your daily tasks in the front office, what systems are you using to log, track,[..]

September 2019 / Holly Read

|Automating Task Management To Optimize Your Practice’s Efficiency

Let's talk about task management automation and how it can optimize your practice's efficiency.[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Dental Hygiene Scheduling KPI: The Secrets To A High Producing Practice

As a dentist and owner of your dental practice, you are definitely concerned about your practice[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Dental Office Policies and Procedures

Dental office policies and procedures are important to have written out and accessible to all[..]

June 2019 / Holly Read

|Time Management Tips for Dentists

Proper time management can get the best of all of us. It's easy to procrastinate, get[..]

May 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Business Solutions for Dental Practices

When you became a dentist, you may not have realized all the business aspects you'd have to[..]

April 2019 / Holly Read