Top 3 Time Savers For Your Dental Practice

Posted by Square Practice on Jan 28, 2019 8:37:00 AM

Time is money. You've heard it said 1000 times but it doesn't make it any less true. If you run your practice efficiently you will save money thus leading to an increased bottom line. Not only will you increase revenue but you will provide a better experience for your patients. No one enjoys walking into an understaffed or unorganized office that causes them to have to wait around for their appointment. The more efficiently you run your practice the more likely you are to keep your patients and get referrals. Let's go over 3 time savers that will help you improve your dental practice.

Jan-Mar19 Insta_Know Your copy 21. Have 2 Hygienists for every Dentist in your practice

Why is having 2 hygienists per dentist important? It comes down to managing a patient base. Patients x Days Patients are seen per week (4 or 5 usually) x average weeks of operation per year (50 avg)  = # of patients in a year. Then divide that by the number of Hygienists you have and you can calculate how many patients your hygienists each see in a year.


8 patients a day x 4 times a week x 50 weeks a year =1600 patients seen

1600 appointments / 2 Hygienists = 800 patients per hygienist

That’s not including days when hygienists do Perio services and might only see 4-5 patients a day. So a healthy patient base to support 1 dentist is having 2 hygienists on board. 600 patients per hygienist is the average if they do Perio treatment routinely and 800 if they only clean/prophy teeth, which isn’t best practice.


2. Use a Dental KPI Dashboard

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend sifting through the stacks of paper on your desk to find the information you need? How about the amount of time it takes an office manager to create those reports in excel, print them and never know if it even made a difference? With the software available today, you can know where your practice stands at any moment with any of your goals. Real-time data analytics and production numbers doesn't have to take all day to figure out. In fact, when it's done manually, it's no longer relevant by the time it prints. Numbers are constantly updating, data is always flowing in. You need to be able to keep up and a Dental KPI Dashboard helps you do that.


3. Schedule out your day

It's always easy to let the urgent issues of the day dictate the pace and the focus of your practice. Here's a dental practice scheduling tip: In order to enjoy the most out of the day, as well as improve your dental schedule, consider scheduling your priority procedures during your "power hour." The power hour is the time when you are most alert and energized. Although it might seem like a good thing to schedule appointments where they fit on the calendar, consider prioritizing your mental focus and physical energy on your most difficult appointments. If the hour after lunch always gets you down, consider blocking that time for your most enjoyable procedures to get a quick 'pick-me-up' that will help you power through the rest of the day. 

Dental Practice Hygiene


Learn how to schedule out your day with our Dental Practice Hygiene Morning Checklist! It's a free download and you get an interactive PDF to help you increase efficiency and set daily goals for yourself!




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