Proven Dental Marketing Strategies for New Patient Acquisition

Posted by Square Practice on Mar 17, 2017 8:00:00 AM

If you are looking for continued monthly growth in your dental practice, marketing will be the key. Years ago, a well-placed ad in a phone book could result in additional dental patients. However, those days are over. Nowadays, information about a dentist and his or her practice is conveyed online or through the mail. 

If you own a dental practice, it is important for you to maximize your marketing strategies. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that your practice is on the right marketing track for continued growth.

 Check out your competitors

Before you establish your marketing plan, it's important to take a peek at what other dental practices are doing. By browsing their websites, offers, and emails you will have a better idea of how your own office stacks up against theirs. For even greater insight into your competition, you can contact their offices pretending to be a patient.  As you consider the practices of your competitors, keep in mind the things that you like. You can replicate and improve upon these items.


Define your audience

If your dental office provides services that relate to a certain age group or other demographic, such as people with misaligned teeth, it is important to target that specific group when marketing. You can waste a great deal of time and money by marketing to everyone rather than targeting the specific type of patient that you want to draw to your practice.


Form a cohesive brand

If your office sends out multiple correspondences and has a significant presence on the internet, there will likely be many opportunities to display your logo. However, in addition to your logo, the “feel” of your brand should also be consistent, as your clients are more likely to refer your dental practice to their friends.  Once you establish a voice that truly represents your practice, stick with it. Current and potential patients will soon be able to identify information from your practice at a glance.


Get out into the community

By actively participating with the public in your community, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on your brand as well as on those with whom you interact. To start, your community involvement does not have to be overly time-consuming or expensive. You can simply offer branded dental items at local events or visit elementary schools to you further the dental education of parents and their youngsters. For maximum impact, be sure to bring along flyers that include your practice’s contact information.


Mail out postcards

It's relatively inexpensive to mail postcards to current and prospective patients. However, these small pieces of advertisement provide great opportunities to market your practice in an efficient manner. Some dental offices have generated more than 170 new patients each month by using postcards.

Focus on people relocating to your area. Often, when a person moves to a new town, he or she will need to establish or select new dental providers. By targeting newly purchased homes with your flyers and postcards, you can increase your patient base.


Dental Advertising

Be clear. 

Instead of running ads that your patients may have to decipher or that could be used to advertise a completely different service, be sure that each one of your marketing campaigns has a clear, easily determined dental message. 

Include your photo. 

Use your marketing to identify yourself. Somewhere on your ads and postcards, display your photo. This will help people connect your face to your practice.

Don't forget your CTA. 

Each of your ads should include a call-to-action that will lead prospective customers to interact with your practice. Don’t assume that everyone will know what steps to take after reading your communication.

Dental Marketing New Patient Acquisition

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