Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) for your Dental Practice

Posted by Square Practice on Jan 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM


The mobile trend that has infiltrated every aspect of life in the modern world is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, those businesses that fail to successfully integrate the mobile aspects of today can expect to fall behind their competitors. This is especially important when it comes to dental practices and other businesses in the medical field.

 Why Mobile BI?

Mobile BI -- also known as business intelligence -- offers businesses the ability to tap into the available data and resources in order to better facilitate decision making and communication. While this type of technology has been available for years, until recently only large companies had the resources to take advantage of it. Today, with the advent of cloud-based software, even small businesses with limited resources can find affordable options that provide them with access to the updated information they need to make smart decisions.

Outsourcing the Data Access That Fuels Business

From data management to analyzing key information, having access to and analyzing the right data while you're on the go is crucial to growing your business. Utilizing automated options to provide access to key performance indicators and other pivotal information in real time provides a framework for both accuracy and growth.

Mirror Big Businesses

Your dental practice needs to have access to the myriad of patient information that is necessary to make informed decisions about their health. Square Practice provides you with a powerful integration of mobile data to deliver the tools you need to effectively interact with patients and your staff -- regardless of where you are. From any mobile device, you can view extensive patient details, browse your schedule, make appointments and more -- all while on the go.

Square Practice was designed to link dental practices with the BI they need to further their business.  Whether you need a robust solution for accessing patient information while you're mobile or you need to have instant analytic reports that measure key performance indicators -- or both -- Square Practice has you covered. Seamless integration with your existing patient management system while utilizing an intuitive system means you can get up and running in just minutes.

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