Keep Your Dental Team Happy (And Efficient) With These Daily Task Tips

Posted by Rachel Lenton on Sep 12, 2019 8:32:00 AM
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Daily tasks and tasks lists are a great way to keep your team focused on what needs to be done. The goal should be for your team to work well together while also having fun. This poses the question, how do you implement this kind of culture in your office? Let's talk about how to instill task management in a positive way.


How does task management benefit your team?

Dental office front desk tasks and checklistWhy have you decided to invest in using task management for your team? Task management brings teams together. It clearly defines roles and expectations and who is responsible for what.

The benefits of this are:

  • Your team doesn't need to be micro-managed
  • Tasks don't get missed
  • Job descriptions and responsibilities are clearly defined
  • Tasks don't get done twice


Get Your Team Excited About Task Management

All of these factors bring synergy to a practice - which means task completion efficiency, which also boosts productivity. How does more efficiency and productivity translate to your team? Have you considered implementing a bonus or reward system with your team? If you have already, that's great. If you have not, maybe it's something to consider.

A bonus system is a great way to boost productivity that's driven by your team because they have a goal that directly effects them. Showing them that task management can help them reach that goal is one way to communicate its value. You could even make using the system a requirement to receive the bonus.

Another strategy to get your team excited is to really show the benefit it brings to their work-life. Show them that you are invested in their personal experience of working at your practice. This kind of involvement is important, especially if you are the dentist/owner. However, other team leaders, like the office manager, can be involved in it too!


Train Your Team In Task Management

Part of this benefit strategy (and any strategy you choose to implement) includes properly training everyone in how it should be used. This prevents it from either: 1) not being used OR 2) not being used properly and becoming a hinderance. How you train your team will depend on what task management tool you use. Many of them have online support, guides and live training. When implementing require each team member to complete the recommended training to keep everyone on the same page.

You and your team should know that task management tools are very diverse and can be used differently in each team. Some trial and error will happen initially. So training will need to be consistent with any updates made. Look for specific input from your team and work on updates together. Encourage ownership of individuals task lists. Encourage them make it something that helps them do their job better. Once you've perfected it, your process will be smooth and fit your team perfectly!


Be A Part Of The Process

When you implement task management, be a part of it! What do I mean? Make sure YOU are using it as well. Lead by example! If you truly believe it will help your team, why wouldn't you use it yourself? Pick a team member (most-likely your office manager) to be proficient in this tool before you introduce it to the rest of the team. Having someone in the office who already understands it will help the transition by answering simple questions and promoting how much they enjoy using it.


Keep Your Team Excited

When something new is introduced to a company, it needs a follow-up strategy. This post-launch or post-update strategy is vital to keep the momentum going in your team. The first step to keeping them excited, is to make sure it's working. If your task management is not achieving the goal of making things easier, more efficient, etc..., then you need to adjust things. If processes are running smoothly, check your KPI's and see the ROI on your efforts. Share this with your team to boost morale!

Remember when we mentioned a bonus system? Begin setting more goals with a reward system in place. Rewarding your team is a great way to keep them excited about completing tasks using task management. According to Kelly Services, a workforce solutions firm, 40% of employees feel they would be more productive if they had their earnings linked to certain performance or productivity goals.

Keep developing the lists and don't be afraid to take things off that are very detailed. Task lists can become redundant at times. When they are first implemented, detail is important to make sure everything is being completed. At a certain point, some tasks can be merged together. Doing this shows your team that you trust them to remember what needs to be completed, and they don't need to be micro-managed. Ask for their feedback on what they think can be eliminated. Keep them involved in the process. This keeps them interested and empowered.


Final Thoughts

The most important things to factor in when creating a strategy involving your team is that you know your team. As you work towards connecting with your team more, you will not only build connection but also trust.

Knowing your team and having trust in them will make transitions and new process introductions smoother. Identify what potential pain points might be and create solutions for them ahead of time. This tells your team you are for them and any solution or change you bring is in their best interest.



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