Dental Treatment Plans: Tips To An Effective Presentation

Posted by Rachel Lenton on Nov 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Rachel Lenton
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How do you tell if something is effective? The word "effective" means to produce an intended or desired result. How are you tracking if your dental treatment plans are effective? Are you getting your desired result from it or are your patients falling into attrition? Creating an effective treatment plan presentation is going to help you keep your patients coming back in the door and grow your business. Today, we'll go over 5 tips to create an effective treatment plan presentation.

Who are your patients?

Instagram_Insta (1)Do you know the demographic of your patients? Tip #1 Understand your patients. Knowing who your patients are will help you tailor your conversation with them. Do you work with families? Elderly? Students etc. This is important information to understand. Once you've gathered that, you'll want to identify the most popular insurance in your area and make sure your practice accepts it.

Another indicator to consider is level of income in your area. For example, treatment plans that are expensive may need to be quickly followed with payment plans and insurance options if your practice is in a low-income area. Conversely you could have more success suggesting more cosmetic procedures in a higher income area. 

Curating your treatment plan for your patient demographic will help you have an effective treatment plan presentation.


Why are your patients coming in?

A great indicator of what kind of treatments you'll be presenting can also be based on who is coming in AND what they are in for. Families could have more need for fillings and orthodontics, where the reasons for elderly could be veneers, implants, and dentures.

Tip #2 set a goal. Your overall goal is case acceptance, but are you making the right offers for your patients? Listen to them and their reason(s) for coming in, and adjust your offers accordingly or as needed throughout the conversation. The main point is to continue to give them great care...which will impact them coming back!


What are you missing?

While you are presenting treatment plans to people, take note of the timing of when they say yes. Tip #3 the secret sauce. At what point do your patients say yes? If they don't say yes while in the practice, there needs to be a follow up call to get them back in the door. Ask them during the call why they didn't accept the treatment that was offered. The most common answer is going to be your secret sauce to success.

It could be anything from preferred form of communication, location, process, appointment reminders or just overall experience. Pin point the problem and turn it into a learn opportunity for success. 

How will you measure your success?

Setting goals is important whenever you start a new process or way of doing things. How you measure it is how you know it's working. How do you track that? Tip #4 measure your goals and adjust. Use a KPI software to integrate with your practice management system. This can allow you to view your numbers in real time and give you an accurate idea of how you're doing. After reviewing the numbers, be prepared to change your strategy if it's not working. You can also work with a coach or consultant who has years of experience to help you find a solution.


Timing is everything

Make sure your front desk is scheduling enough time for you to properly present your treatment plan. Tip #5 take your time. Rushing through a consultation can lead to a less effective presentation. If things are running late, ask to have your front desk schedule a phone call with enough time to properly present things. Rushing through a treatment plan is never a win-win! 


Final Thoughts

In everything you do at your practice, you want it to be effective and impactful. If it's not, then your time is not being well spent. Take these 5 tips and learn what is going to make you more effective when presenting treatment opportunities. If you deliver an effective presentation, it will also reduce time spent getting them back in the door and your attrition...allowing you to improve patient care and maximize profitability!


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