Dental Appointment Scheduling Software: How To Automate One Of Your Biggest Headaches

Posted by Rachel Lenton on Sep 24, 2019 8:58:00 AM
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Appointment scheduling, patient recall and appointment reminders are a big struggle in the dental world. Patient appointments are constantly changing. Running on time, while filling your time in an optimal way can be a challenge. It becomes especially difficult to run on time when you don't have a dedicated Scheduling Coordinator. This brings a new dynamic of multitasking. Your dental appointment scheduling software and task management software become your best friends in the above mentioned aspects of scheduling and task management. Today, we are sharing our favorite industry leaders for automated task management systems and appointment follow up systems.


Our Top Task Management Systems


images (1) has a wide range of features. We recommend dental practices use their task management solution and their work flow management.

Task Management

  • Task management allows you to get a full view of everything that is being worked on, needs to be completed and is completed. It will also show you which tasks are assigned to each team member; keeping you in the know.
  • This tool also allows team members to complete all their work with confidence and know when they leave at the end of the day that they accomplished everything needed.

Workflow Management

  • Workflow management is designed to simplify the processes at your practice. This tool helps define your workflow processes by adapting your practice's needs and processes.
  • This tool is another way to see where your projects stand instead of all the specific task lists. It's also a Cloud based platform, so you can check it anytime and anywhere.





Below are the key three features they mention on their website:

"Managing multiple projects shouldn't be a struggle. Make sure you aren't missing one of these building blocks.

  • Interactive Gantt Charts: View your project schedule and set dependencies in real time using drag and drop. Easily adjustable to keep everyone on track and on time.
  • Online work & project Calendars: Unlike traditional calendars, Wrike Calendars are connected to underlying projects and tasks. This means Wrike Calendars always reflect the most up-to-date plans and schedules.
  • Drag & drop Dashboards: Consolidate to-dos from all of your projects as well as tasks that aren’t part of a project. Easily manage your daily work by dragging tasks to "New", "In Progress", "Completed". P.S. Customize dashboards so you only see what you want to see."


Our Top 3 Dental Recall Systems

Practice Mojo:

reachall dental recall


Their recall system page explains:

"Effective Dental Recall System: PracticeMojo’s ReachAll Dental Recall
Here’s why dentists and their patients love our recall solution: Patients are all extremely different – and just because one enjoys three phone calls to remind them of an upcoming appointment, another patient may be terribly annoyed with this approach. The more you can perfect the art of reaching patients at the right time via the right channel, the greater your response rate will be and patient satisfaction will improve.

It's for these reasons that PracticeMojo created its ReachAll Dental Recall system. This system has been tested, reworked, and perfected for decades to help dental practices reach 100% of patients via the patient’s preferred method of communication."


Lighthouse 360:

lighthouse 360

Their website reads:

Lighthouse 360® is a fully-automated solution for your patient communications, designed to prevent holes in your schedule and keep patients coming back.

  • Reduce no-shows and tighten recall
  • Automatically confirm appointments & send recall reminders
  • Reach 100% of your patient base via email, text, phone and mail
  • Stay up to date—we sync with your PMS
    every 10 minutes
  • Get started today with no annual commitment


Weave Patient Communication System:




Features mentioned on their website are:

  • Phone Service: Phones are seamlessly connected to Weave software. Kind of like a smartphone, but for your business.
  • Smart Notifications & Task List: Instant, situational information empowers your team to take quick, smart, helpful action.
  • Two-way Texting: Improve your response rates and communicate faster and more efficiently. Plus most people just prefer it.
  • Reviews: Build up your online reputation and help increase your page rank. It’s as easy as an automated text.
  • Missed Call Texts: Automated texts get sent to any missed call, making sure everyone is engaged and cutting down on missed opportunities.
  • Appointment Quick-fill: Cancelled appointments don’t need to be stressful. Fill gaps in your schedule quickly and easily.
  • Call Recording: Record incoming and outgoing calls for training purposes or to review for accuracy.
  • Digital Fax: Send faxes digitally, quickly and easily, and without an outdated fax machine and fax line.
  • Mass Email: Make announcements and send special offers more easily with the easiest email tool ever.
  • Mobile App: Manage your practice from anywhere you take your phone. View your schedule, text and call from your office number, and much more.
  • Family Messaging: Reduces the number of texts sent to families by consolidating communication.
  • Text to Pay: Request and receive payments by sending a text message from your Weave app. Reduce the lag between date of service and collection of revenue.


Final Thoughts

After reviewing these, it's easy to see how much this will help your process. The idea is that tha you'll be keeping your schedule full without taking more time than you can keep your focus on who's in the practice and not how to get them there. We hope you find these resources helpful!


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