Automating Task Management To Optimize Your Practice’s Efficiency

Posted by Rachel Lenton on Sep 3, 2019 8:28:00 AM
Rachel Lenton
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Let's talk about task management automation and how it can optimize your practice's efficiency. What are the reasons why you haven't already begun using a task management tool? Task management could be the exact missing piece to take your practice to the next level of efficiency.


How can automated task management help your dental practice?

How task management helps you dental office flow.One of the ways an automated task management system helps your dental practice is that it keeps tasks from falling through the cracks. When you use a task management system as a team, the expectation of what everyone is in charge of or responsible for is that much more clear. Tasks or whole task lists get assigned to each team. Within the team, each individual has their specific tasks and due dates assigned to them. You can also collaborate and add notes and conversations to tasks for a bigger more detailed project.

This prevents tasks from getting lost or not being completed because they are stored online where you and the whole team can find them. Having all the tasks in one place makes it easy for a manager to review what's lined up for that day and what's been done. This reduces stress in everyone because you aren't trying to hold everything in your head; what you need to do is right in front of you.


The Importance of Task Management for Dental Practices

Task management is important for dental practices because there is so much happening simultaneously. It's important that everyone works as cohesively and efficiently as possible. Working as a team in an effective way boosts your productivity and company culture. It boosts your productivity by clearly mapping out the day. Maintaining smooth transitions between patients and projects. Task lists will save you time when transitioning because you already know whats next and what you need to do.

So, better productivity brings in more revenue to your practice. Higher productivity means happier employees. When a team hits their goal there's that feeling of accomplishment. If you implement a reward or bonus system with your task management system, you are setting your employees up for success. THIS IS HUGE. Think about tool has the power to reduce stress, boost teamwork, deliver better patient care, keep your practice on time, and give the dentist an overview of exactly what's going on in the practice. That's extremely valuable!

Task Management - Alternative to the Morning Huddle

Morning huddles are often a time to go over the schedule for the day and what needs to be done. In another blog we discuss more about eliminating the need to review tasks in a morning huddle. See here to read more: Dental Office Morning Huddle: How To Use It To Maximize Your Practice.

In the morning huddle when you review your day, what is the process to make sure that tasks are completed? What system do you have in place to make sure you run on time?

Morning huddles are still important to review any big procedures, process, or continued training of your team. This is a more valuable use of your time when there is a better way to review the daily schedule and tasks for your team. An automated task list will be working with you and your team the entire day, instead of just 10 minutes first thing in the morning.

Become an Efficient Dental Practice

Efficiency can be taken to an extreme and become borderline robotic. This looks like overworked employees. It also looks like patients not receiving proper care, and becoming another project to complete and process.

This is not what we are suggesting you become! The goal in becoming more efficient should be the complete opposite. The goal isn't to fill every moment with work to the point of being robotic. Efficiency in a practice should allow employees to feel less overwhelmed, allowing them to serve patients better. Workflows are faster which can make service faster and wait times being shorter. When processes are faster, it does allow for your practice to give more patients care. Don't let this opportunity compromise your practice's core values.

Dental Practice Workflow

Automating your workflow comes hand-and-hand with automated task management. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of 'workflow' is: "the sequence of steps involved in moving from the beginning to the end of a working process."

Your dental practice workflow is a series of projects that are broken down into a series of task lists that transition from one team member to the next until they're all completed. If your tasks and workflows are all created and assigned ahead of time, then all your scheduling coordinator (or whoever is assigned to it) needs to do is click a button to begin the process; this keeps everything clean, clear, and simple.


Final Thoughts

Your patient's care is your top priority! What is your practice doing from a processes side to make sure patients are being cared for? Establishing a system, and then applying it to everything you do, ensures good patient care by: 1) being consistent, 2) being on time, and 3) being thorough. Task management makes the entire team aware of what's happening. In addition, it makes sure that everything is completed properly and on time. All of this will instill a sense of accomplishment!


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