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|Smart Goals For Dentists

We are continuing our series on smart goals in dentistry to help you create effective, lasting[..]

March 2020 / Square Practice

|Dental Coach vs. Dental Consultant: An Interview With Fortune Practice Management

In today’s world, there are a lot of life coaches, business consultants, and industry experts to[..]

November 2019 / Square Practice

|Front Office Daily Tasks: What’s your process for task management?

When it comes to your daily tasks in the front office, what systems are you using to log, track,[..]

September 2019 / Square Practice

|New Patients KPI: A Look At Your Practice Growth

After you have established your overhead, plugged any leaking holes in your processes, and have[..]

August 2019 / Square Practice

|Dental Leadership: Successfully Navigating Your Transition

Buying an established dental practice involves more than the financial side of things. Typically[..]

July 2019 / Square Practice

|Dental Staff Appreciation Dates and Ideas

Appreciating your staff goes a long way. It’s the little things you do, and remember, that can[..]

June 2019 / Square Practice

|The Importance Of Continuing Education For Your Practice

Last month we talked about the importance of continuing education for dentists. However, more[..]

June 2019 / Square Practice

|Managing The Vacation Policy For Your Practice

More than half of Americans haven’t taken a vacation in the last 12 months with 42% not taking a[..]

June 2019 / Square Practice

|Dental Office Policies and Procedures

Dental office policies and procedures are important to have written out and accessible to all[..]

June 2019 / Square Practice