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|How To Verify Dental Insurance

Insurance is a daunting world to your patients. Just understanding what plan they have, how much[..]

October 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Automating Patient Follow Ups: Smart Task Management For Your Dental Office

What are  the terms we use when talking about following up with our patients? Do they mean the[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Dental Appointment Scheduling Software: How To Automate One Of Your Biggest Headaches

Appointment scheduling, patient recall and appointment reminders are a big struggle in the[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Scheduling Coordinators: How To Schedule Patients Effectively

At Square Practice, we have a saying we often use: "Know Where You've Been to Know Where You're[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Patient Follow Ups - Defining Tasks & Who Is Responsible For Them

Patient follow ups are that in-between or bridge between a booked appointment and the actual[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Keep Your Dental Team Happy (And Efficient) With These Daily Task Tips

Daily tasks and tasks lists are a great way to keep your team focused on what needs to be done.[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Creating Processes in your Dental Practice - Who owns which tasks?

It's important in a dental practice for each team member to understand who is responsible for[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Automating Task Management To Optimize Your Practice’s Efficiency

Let's talk about task management automation and how it can optimize your practice's efficiency.[..]

September 2019 / Rachel Lenton

|Adjusted Production KPI: The Dental Metrics That Matter

When creating a budget for your practice, it's vital to know how much income you are receiving.[..]

August 2019 / Rachel Lenton