Michael Martinez

|Dental Practice Profit Margin KPI: Calculating Your Margins

Everyone wants to make a profit. That is how a business stays in operation. Even if the business[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Dental KPI Benchmarks: Analyzing Overhead & Financial Ratios

Overhead, for a business, is any costs to produce either a service or a product. It is vitally[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Dental Patient Retention vs. Attrition KPI

Retention vs. attrition is a KPI you should be monitoring consistently. The goal in this KPI[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Active Patients KPI: Unlocking One Of The Most Important Practice Metrics

The most important part of your practice are your patients. Their loyalty and health are of the[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Dental Production vs Collections KPI: Keeping Healthy Financial Ratios

To keep your practice finances in order, you should be working within your budget. If you[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Dental Hygiene Scheduling KPI: The Secrets To A High Producing Practice

As a dentist and owner of your dental practice, you are definitely concerned about your practice[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Dental Production KPI: How Does Your Practice Compare?

Do you know how your dental practice is doing with gross production? How do you compare to the[..]

August 2019 / Michael Martinez

|Dental KPIs: Which Metrics Should Your Practice Be Tracking?

When trying to grow and meet goals as a dental practice, it can be very difficult if you don't[..]

April 2019 / Michael Martinez