6-Month Dental Practice Hygiene Check Up

Posted by Square Practice on Jan 21, 2019 11:23:58 AM

Looking at the entire year you can set clear goals but it’s easy to lose sight of those goals when you are right in the middle of everything. I want to take you back to the principle of business hygiene. It’s important to check up on your business just like checking up on your patients. You recommend to your patients to have a cleaning every 6 months to help prevent gum disease, keep up with oral health and check for issues before they become massive problems. You should be doing the same thing for your dental practice.

Jan-Mar19 Insta_Know Your copy 5Checking in halfway through the year gives you a clear picture of how well you are doing and if you are on track to reach your goal. After evaluating you can adjust and refocus.

Below is a list of questions to ask yourself while reviewing the past 6 months:

  • Which quarter was better: Q1 or Q2? Why?
  • What's 1 thing from each quarter you would have done differently?
  • What are 3 things that are working for you and your team so far this year?
  • What issues came up in the first half of the year?
  • Are you on track to reaching your year-end goals?
  • What you foresee happening in the 2nd half of the year? 
  • Do you need to revise your strategy going forward?

After reviewing your performance for the first half of the year, make a goal list for the next 6 months based on your original goals and on your 6 month check up.

Here are things to keep in mind for the next 6 months: 

  • Break down your six month goals, to monthly, weekly and daily goals. What can you do every day to hit your goals?
  • Stick to your new strategy. Your strategy should be flexible but you don't want to continually change it. That can frustrate your team. Keep it adaptable to variables out of your control but continue in the same direction.
  • Check your calendar for Holidays and season changes and use it to your advantage. Review 3rd and 4th quarter trends over the last 36 months and make sure to account for those this year.
  • Continue to encourage your staff and connect with them especially through the stressful times. A little appreciation can go a long way!

Lastly add a few of your own items to this list. It's not too late to make it not only a good year, but the best year. Remember, awareness of a problem is the first step in solving a problem. 


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Get started meeting your goals with our Dental Practice Hygiene Morning Checklist. Learn how to break your goals down into manageable, daily tasks that help you move efficiently through your day. This checklist outlines ideas for different types of tasks as well as when to do them to get the most out of your day.


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