6 Easy Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Dental Patients

Posted by Square Practice on Jul 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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If you are focused on trying to grow your dental practice, you are probably doing a great job of marketing your practice to potential new patients. However, focusing on bringing in new patients but failing to keep in contact with your existing patients may find you having to work twice as hard. Don’t overlook the fact that your existing patients can be powerful referral resources for you.

Fortunately, there are easy, inexpensive ways busy dentists can keep up with patient communication. Here are six easy things your dental practice can begin doing today:


  • Email newsletters. Sending out a monthly email newsletter to your patients will help keep your practice’s name in front of them, and gives you an opportunity to be a thought leader. Include informational and educational information, information about new staff, special offers and more.


  • Be social. Some dentists still are not actively using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. However, your patients are! When you set up social media profiles/pages for your practice and connect to existing patients, you’re actually connecting with hundreds of potential referral sources who can “share” your practice’s posts with their connections.


  • Snail mail. While more and more patients are using digital communications, there’s still something nice about getting an old-fashioned, hand-written greeting card or personalized letter in the mail. Sending snail mail is a great way to recognize someone for referring friends or family, or to commemorate your patients’ service anniversaries. Having a tangible reminder in front of them is a great way to keep your practice front and center in your patients’ minds.


  • Appreciation events. Some dentists like to hold annual patient appreciation events, either in the office or at a fun venue somewhere else. Inviting patients to bring someone else with them can help introduce your practice and team to potential new patients who are looking for a new dentist.


  • Telephone. Don’t forget about the power of the telephone call! While many dentists’ offices only call patients for appointment reminders, using the phone to touch base with patients after an appointment can be a powerful way to connect and show you care about their oral health. If your patients have provided their cell phone numbers, sending periodic text messages is another way to stay in front of them.


  • Branded freebies. Giving away logo merchandise, whether that’s toothbrushes, branded refrigerator magnets, lip balm, pens or anything else, will keep your practice’s name and/or logo in plain sight on a regular basis. This can improve patient retention rates and can help increase patient referrals too.


Use an Automated Dental Dashboard to Increase Efficiencies

Some dentists may not be staying in touch with their existing patients because they simply lack the time to do so. When you implement an automated dental dashboard tool for your practice, you can increase practice efficiency, so you and your staff can work smarter – not harder. In fact, the average practice saves six hours each month after implementing Square Practice! That's an extra six hours you can use to stay in touch with your current patients.


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