5 Key Considerations When Choosing Dental Practice Management Software

Posted by Square Practice on Aug 4, 2017 8:00:00 AM

According to a report published in May 2016 by Global Market Insights, the dental practice management software market is projected to witness its highest growth by the year 2023. Factors contributing to this universal acceptance include an aging global population that is placing increased treatment demands on dental practices, continued technical advances in dentistry, increased software and storage capabilities, and ongoing pressure to contain healthcare costs while still achieving individual practice profitability.


Practice managementOf course, the primary focus in any dental practice should be on dental care, but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes to make the practice run smoothly and profitably. Dental practice management software makes it much easier to manage day-to-day activities so that dental professionals can concentrate on achieving clinical excellence. As the provider of an analytics dashboard plug-in, Square Practice recommends that dental offices consider these five points when purchasing management software to boost practice growth:


1. Measurement Motivates Action

Practice management software helps dentists efficiently measure and identify areas in need of improvement, but different practices may focus on different growth variables. The key factors to each practice’s growth must be consistently measured and monitored as part of their individual software package. When reviewing software providers, remember that only what gets measured by the program can get resolved by the office.


2. Smoother Practice Functioning

One reason some software management programs fail to achieve their stated objectives is that they can be too cumbersome to implement, and wind up making office life more difficult. Look for a program that seamlessly integrates with the practice’s existing computer operating system, and find one that is easy for staff to learn and utilize.


3. Expanded Service Capabilities

Practices can achieve growth by expanding hours or days of availability, adding personnel, or by opening additional offices. Search for a software management provider that can facilitate practice growth through 24/7 technical support capabilities, and that offers the ability to add functionalities as the practice adds offices or personnel.


4. Enhanced Profitability

Dental practice management programs can provide a wealth of information about a number of profitability variables such as scheduling, cash flow, referrals, and improved charting, but practices don’t always use all the capabilities that are available. Make sure you know what your software can do so that your practice gets the most out of its investment.


5. Extra Security

Most software providers now include cloud storage to eliminate the need for paper records, or off-site storage. They also monitor continuously for security threats and provide needed updates or patches. Confirm that your software provider has stringent security protocols in place.


Final Thoughts

Although practice management software provides a wealth of useful information, the amount of data generated can sometimes become overwhelming. Implementing a dental dashboard that integrates with the management software helps the dental team stay focused. We provide business analytics and enhance the relevancy of the data provided in an automated way. Automating this process means that dentists can achieve growth goals while still having sufficient time to concentrate on patient care.

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